Taking inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright, yet with an undeniably individual vision, Hal Sorrenti sought to create harmony between his architecture and the natural landscape.

His keen eye for the inherent beauty of each site and unique talent for seamlessly integrating indoor and outdoor spaces gave Sorrenti’s clients the experience of living truly immersed in nature.

I’ve often said that serenity is something I am after in my designs ... it’s a feeling that I like to have.

I think to design a home that will put a smile on your face when you walk in the front door, to the point where you don't ever feel that you have to leave.

I come from a very cold, Canadian climate where you sit inside and look through insulated glass to your surrounding landscape. I want to be a part of the landscape and that's what we try and do with our own designs.

I like to have fun in my work and in my life and I don't like to take myself too seriously.

The only specific architect that has had a great influence on me is probably Frank Lloyd Wright, but I have obviously been influenced by South East Asian architecture, the openness of it, the way it blends into the environment.